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About Thar Energy

A Leader in Advanced Green Energy Solutions

Thar Energy LLC seeks global leadership in delivering green energy solutions in a number of different ways.

  • We work in the areas of advanced heating/cooling technologies for commercial and residential buildings.

  • We are developing a novel biofuel manufacturing process that focuses primary attention on high-value food products, with biodiesel as a byproduct.

  • Another application reduces the energy consumed by conventional distillation of ethanol in a corn-to-ethanol plant. Thar offers a drop-in replacement for distillation/dehydration.

  • We are also developing new processes to convert agricultural residues into liquid fuel.

Our solutions involve chemistry, design, process development and optimization – from concept through commercialization. We trace our lineage to Thar Technologies, which for over twenty years has delivered environmentally friendly supercritical-fluid process systems to the pharmaceutical, food, chemicals and electronics industries. Thar's technology harnesses the power of nature's most common compounds, carbon dioxide and water. Because it is environmentally friendly, physiologically compatible, safe and cost effective, supercritical-fluid technology has broad application in solving some of today's most challenging energy demands.

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