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Our strengths...

Thar Energy LLC takes advantage of the unique fluid properties of carbon dioxide to a variety of heating and cooling applications. Thar brings over a quarter century of experience in carbon dioxide technology. It builds some of the largest supercritical fluid extraction plants in the world, some of them employing pressures beyond 15,000 psi.

Our technology...

The exploitation of carbon dioxide as a heat transfer fluid, at much lower pressures, is one of Thar's strengths. Thar has cooled everything from small computers to large commercial buildings. It has developed proprietary well-drilling technology as part of a complete systems approach to building and maintaining heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) installations that use the ground as a heat sink. With carbon dioxide as the working fluid to move heat into or out of buildings, efficiencies are as much as twice that of HVAC systems that employ freon or other fluids.


Thar offers a complete heating and cooling solution. For details, click for the following pages:

  • Cooling.

  • Heating.

  • Systems approach. Thar will install and maintain a complete heating/cooling system in exchange for a simple multiyear service agreement.




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