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Thar Energy believes that the key to building economical geothermal heating/cooling systems is to control the cost of drilling in-ground pipe loops, which typically go to depths of 50 to 600 feet. To that end, the company has developed drilling technology that is particularly suited to carbon dioxide systems. Because fluid flow rates are so much less than for R-134a, for a given amount of heating/cooling duty, these holes are smaller, cheaper and quicker to build.

For customers, this translates to simple turn-key shopping for the complete geothermal HVAC solution. Thar manages the whole job from well drilling, to equipment installation and control, maintenance and more. Dissatisfied with your current system's performance? Ask Thar about Total System Management. This is our way of making the switch to geothermal as seamless as possible. Thar will install and maintain its system in exchange for a simple multiyear service agreement. There is no up-front capital cost to bear. Customers will nonetheless see their energy consumption decline because of the greater efficiency of Thar Geothermal systems.

Vertical (left) or horizontal (right) ground loops in an example commercial setting


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